Shuffle Coffee Table

Constructed from solid oak hexagons and can be configured into any shape

06 OCTOBER 2018


Aidan Bennett’s Shuffle Coffee Table draws inspiration from nature’s mystifying tessellating patterns to deliver a beautiful piece of functional design as bold and inventive as it is eye-catching

The table, at its core, is a homage to the production process of scalable design.

Made up of individual wooden hexagons which can be arranged into several flush configurations via magnets, the repetitive pattern of the Shuffle Coffee Table can be transformed to fit virtually any space.

Given today’s ever-evolving modern living rooms, this insightful approach to interior design delivers exciting prospects for end users on the lookout for something that can simultaneously adapt to their needs and steal the show as a focal point.

Characterised by a dynamic, repetitive hexagonal pattern and seamless geometric lines, the Shuffle Coffee Table is a simple yet versatile piece of furniture with limitless possibilities when it comes to positioning and function within a space. With its unique visual pattern structure, luxurious solid oak construction and ability to compliment any environment, the unit brings a playful perspective to the conventional coffee table idea.

Power and Geometry

The Shuffle Coffee Table concept combines Aidan’s appreciation for the natural world with the complexities of modern technical design. Each hexagon is constructed from solid oak, for its exceedingly strong qualities and prominent grain, to create a natural and luxurious finish.

The construction process is methodical and intricate. A unique set of bits is used to painstakingly shape the angles of solid timber into precise 120-degree angles, while a specialised combination of polarities has been taken into consideration so that each piece sits flush alongside the other via magnetic pull. No matter which configuration the table sits in, meticulous attention to detail is evident, while the strength of the overall structure creates a totally stable surface.

Natural Patterns

As for the shape. Inspiration from the natural world abounds. The hexagon is a highly regarded and omnipresent geometric shape in nature which can be observed everywhere from cloud formations on Saturn to the basalt columns formed by cooled lava. Perhaps more widely known, is the hexagonal shape that can be found in the compound eyes of insects and the iconic-shaped home of the honey bee.

Technically speaking, a hexagon is more economical than a triangle or a square and is one of the most efficient tessellating shapes on earth. This means it can be repeated across a surface without overlapping or creating gaps, making it one of the most effortless ways to fill a space with the least amount of material. The Shuffle Coffee Table plays on this concept beautifully through intricate repetitive patterns and simple lines.

With multiple ways to arrange it, negative space is an ideal way to scale the Shuffle Coffee Table for larger spaces by creating additional interest and extending the outer perimeter footprint. In smaller spaces, can be shifted into multiple configurations or kept compact. The choice is, ultimately, yours.

Shuffle Coffee Table Quick Facts

  • Create your own unique shape with the Shuffle Coffee Table
  • Individual hexagon pieces firmly clip together via magnets in any configuration
  • Constructed using solid oak for a natural and luxurious finish
  • Precision-cut and painstakingly handcrafted
  • A homage to scalable design
  • Inspired by the tessellating honeycomb pattern for maximum efficiency
  • Handcrafted by a premium interior design company in Cape Town

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Jacky Lovato